Thursday, February 28, 2013

SPD Link Up...Starbucks Passion Tea


 For this weeks Saw, Pinned, Did Link Up I decided to try out the CopyCat recipe for Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade.... 

Original Pin here.
But of course I tweaked it a little...
I actually researched a few different recipes and came up with my own take...
First I brewed 8 bags of the Tazo Passion Tea with 1/2 Gallon of Boiling H20.  I found this tea at my local Health food store and I am addicted! I love anything Passion Fruit!! You can get it online at Amazon.
Then I made a quick Vanilla Simple Syrup by boiling 1 c. Water, 1 c. Sugar and 2 capfuls of Trader Joe's Bourbon Vanilla Extract.  As soon as all the sugar is dissolved remove from heat to cool.
In the summer or right after starting a batch of my Homemade Limoncello I might make lemonade from scratch but this time I was just too busy lazy!
So I mixed up a half gallon (2 qts.) of Good Ole Country Time Pink Lemonade!
Then I added 1/4 c of  the Vanilla Simple Syrup.
 I reserved the remaining Simple Syrup to use for iced coffee!
Once the tea was cooled I added it to the Lemonade mixture and stirred to combine.
Serve over ice!
I was thinking it might not be too bad as a mixer for Passion Fruit Vodka with a splash of seltzer I tested it last night and it was DELISH!

What copycat recipes have you tried at home?




  1. Yum yum! I love their tea so this is good to know. thanks for linking up and sharing with us today!