Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Alissa's Scarf-Updated with new Pic!!

Alissa's Scarf

As soon as she sent me the pic I new I would have to update this post!!! 
She is beautiful and amazing!  And she looks great in the scarf!!


I was desperately trying to find a knitting pattern for a scarf that looked "woven" for my gorgeous friend Alissa when I came across the "Slip into Winter" Scarf from Caron.  The pattern uses slip stiches in intervals of 3 alternating to create this woven look.
The pattern is no longer available on the website but a nice woman on Ravelry had made the scarf and actually kept her copy and sent it to me!
I used mixed fiber Gala Yarns which if you have experience with gala yarns they are often fun and different but they are not named and there are no dye lots!
I used a Black and Deep Purple Ribbon like yarn and then a tweed like plum with white and black threads running through it.  I unfortunately do not have great pics of the yarn I used.  I promise in the future I will be better at this!!

Because I was changing yarns every two rows and I knew I would be crocheting an edge I chose to carry the other yarns up the side of the work rather than weave in 9 million ends and I used the thicker yarn as a contrasting edge all the way around so it worked out great!
I LOVE this pattern and I am in the process of making another scarf with it, using very different yarns and larger needles.  Stay tuned!



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