Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Don't just repin it DO IT!



My Pinterest Addiction

Are you addicted to Pinterest?  Do you find yourself sitting at the computer or glued to your phone pinning and pinning and pinning?

I am.  I could waste a good 5-7 hours of the day just searching and pinning...and searching and pinning...and getting NOTHING else accomplished.

I remember that fateful day last year when my good friend Amanda came into work and immediately had to share with me this new site she thought I would love...and I did.

To my dismay the app was not available for my android phone at the time, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I stalked the Amazon Appstore and Google Play daily until the darn thing became available.....And then when the Kindle app became available SIGH....

Sometimes while I sit at the computer, drinking coffee, reading blogs etc..I have a hilarious sad internal dialogue with myself as I glance at my Pinterest button on my Favorites bar.

Just click on it
No don't
Just do it...for a few minutes, I'm sure there are a few great new pins you need to see.
Don't do it...you  have laundry, housework and dishes to do..Get off your butt and get to work

Well you get the idea.

In an effort to "Be a more productive me in 2013"  I have decided to try to use Pinterest for what it is intended.
New Years Resolution #7 
 Revisit your pinterest boards, find something you pinned and test it out....Just DO IT  ....

This will be the first post in a series...Don't just repin it, DO IT!

Apple Cider Vinegar (the yummy way)


For months on and off I have swigged my apple cider vinegar from a spoon, and made the face....you know the "Why the heck did I just drink that disgusting stuff?" face. 
Finally I stumbled along this post from Lindsay at Delighted Momma
I adapted it a little bit to reflect the ingredients I had on hand.
FYI, I never measure....
I put all the ingredients in a cold to go cup, fill with ice and filtered water and then I shake it up!
I find if I don't shake it the Cinnamon just sits on top...insert straw and Enjoy!

Are you Addicted to Pinterest or do you use it to be a more productive you?

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  1. I have done about 50% of the stuff I pin ;) in my defense 25% are clothes or hair ideas which I try to attempt hair but not so much...I got so many ideas for Brooke's bday party and I love love love the recipes...so I agree totally I get crazy with pins but I am better now at using them!