Thursday, January 24, 2013

Almost Instantaneous Gratification


Brandy's Seed Stitch Cowl

Big Needles...Chunky Yarn, terms knitting aficionado's everywhere often consider a crime. Countless knitters have scoffed openly when I admit that I often work up these quick projects on size 13 or larger needles and one of my all time favorite yarns Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick.
As many a knitter will know the weeks leading up to Christmas are fraught with last minute project ideas, frantic late nights, hand cramps and hours of weaving in ends* as one tries desperately to finish all those hand made gifts.  I think I can...I think I can.... 

*(my least favorite thing is weaving in ends..I am not good at it and I cannot stand it..this year I cheated delegated and commissioned my mother, a knitting guru, to help with this daunting task)

  This quick and easy cowl was the perfect post Christmas, easy, mindless and in my case a great way to stick to 2 of  my New Years Resolutions
 #845 I shall not buy new yarn until I have made a serious dent in my current stash.
#1244 I shall try to make something for everyone near and dear to me.

It is however a fail for # 432  I shall finish all current projects I have begun before starting a new one..(hey, I'm human)
My gorgeous friend Brandy modeling her new cowl!
As most of my projects, this one was adapted from the following pattern:
Brandy's Seed Stitch Cowl
Skill Level: Easy
Size: One Size
Gauge:  Ha Ha...yet another one of my Knitting Crimes....I can feel you cringing.
One (1) Ball Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Grey Marble (A)
One (1) Ball Bernat Boucle in Grey Shades (B)
Size 13 (9mm) 16 in. circular needle
Large eye blunt needle
Pattern is worked in the round with two strands of yarn held together throughout.
Holding a strand of both A and B cast on 55 stitches.
Join stitches in the round, being careful not to twist stitches.
Work in a K1, P1 pattern around, the odd number of stitches ensures that you're patter will remain throughout.
Keep up the pattern until your cowl has reach a desired length.  Mine was 9 1/2" opening to opening.
Cast off and weave in ends.
This cowl is extremely thick and warm!!
I'm new to the blogosphere so feel free to comment with questions or suggestions!



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